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Senior Data Engineer

Data Engineering

Job Req Number:  39509
Time Type: Full Time




Your responsibilities:

  • Sourcing data from systems in DSV via the appropriate pattern for the use case (e.g. REST services, event streaming) or in the beginning of projects before the real integration is established (e.g. simple file dumps on FTP servers)
  • Building near real-time event streaming data flows with separated micro services for different functional purposes (e.g. file upload, image extraction, file extraction, etc.)
  • Re-configure the event streaming broker for optimization
  • Establish domain-based ontologies for data to ensure semantic interoperability between different systems
  • Making data available in the needed form to use in ML models and for visualization by business applications with a frontend – and collect the inputs of the users as data enrichment from the frontend
  • Ensuring scalability of data flows by removing bottlenecks
  • Working together with the logging team, who set guidelines for how to structure your log outputs


Our requirements:

  • Event streaming: Confluent Kafka, Kafka streams, KSQL
  • Logging & Monitoring: Elastic, Kibana, Grafana, Logstash, FluentD
  • Coding languages: Python, Java, Scala
  • Storage technologies such as: SQL database (we use MySQL), NoSQL database (we use MongoDB), file systems (E.g. Azure Files, Filestore), Blob storage (E.g. Azure Blob Storage, S3)
  • Version control: Git (we use Atlassian BitBucket as a wrapper on top of Git)
  • Containerization: Docker/containerd
  • Container orchestration: Kubernetes
  • OS: OS Linux (CentOS/RHCOS) and Win
  • BI tools: PowerBI, Qlik, etc.
  • Moderate experience with Cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, T-platforms, GCP



  • Other data processing frameworks: E.g. Spark or Ray
  • ML model serving: TensorFlow serving, Torch serving
  • Authentication: Open ID Connect 2.0 (we use Red Hat KeyCloak as identity broker)
  • CI/CD Pipelines: Jenkins (our templates are written in Groovy) and AzureDevOps
  • Load balancing: NGINX
  • Installation scripts: Ansible
  • Requirements: Jira
  • Documentation: Confluence
  • Frontend technologies: React JS, Material UI, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux
  • Test framework: Jest
  • ML Frameworks: TensorFlow / PyTorch


The use cases

The focus of our team is to build advanced end-2-end solutions that create direct business value for DSV’s divisions, including for example:

  • Customs declaration automation,
  • Vendor invoices automation,
  • Address validation,
  • ETA prediction,
  • And many more to come…

The word “advanced” is used to underline that the use cases we solve tend to have a high degree of complexity, requiring non-deterministic problem solving (i.e. the use of ML/AI), near real-time data processing, a need for high availability, vertical and horizontal scalability and a very high volume of transactions. However, fancy technologies and accurate ML models do not solve the issues at hand alone; we strive to combine our competencies to build holistic solutions where the underlying complexity is hidden for the user to create simple and value-adding experiences.



Our offer:

  • Employment contract
  • Private medical care
  • Comprehensive onboarding program
  • Buddy
  • Work-life Harmony
  • Modern eco-office
  • Comfortable ergonomic office
  • Scandinavian work culture
  • Internal training catalogue
  • Culture of feedback
  • Internal transition program
  • Holiday gifts
  • Sport groups
  • Bike parking
  • Electric vehicle charging stations



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